History And Activity

A little about the activities and my favorite. From childhood I live far from urban areas. And the world of the Internet has not been as popular as it is now known ini.Tidak computer. I am new to computers in 1993. At that time windows are also not yet exist. At that time I learned to program computers in DOS, Lotus and DbaseIII plus. Diskettes are also still a great size and easily damaged.

After my big and work. Currently I have hobbies and activities Blogging, Internet. There have been many blogs that I created. I have a dream could get money from the internet and blogging activity.

Currently, besides the internet and blogging I worked in a foreign company (Japan). Duties daily work designing products. Can tell a designer
In addition to working and the internet I also have hobbies photography and video. Some videos and photos I have made. Perhaps in this blog there is also the result of my own work and also the work of others.
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